$35 TodayOnly 10A Grade Straight 3 Bundles (12/14/16 Inch) of Brazil Beauty Personal Care Hair Care TodayOnly 10A Grade Straight 3 Bundles Brazil 16 12 14 Inch Popular overseas of TodayOnly 10A Grade Straight 3 Bundles Brazil 16 12 14 Inch Popular overseas of /amove233955.html,3,Inch),$35,TodayOnly,of,Bundles,Brazil,(12/14/16,albertacinerentals.com,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Straight,Grade,10A /amove233955.html,3,Inch),$35,TodayOnly,of,Bundles,Brazil,(12/14/16,albertacinerentals.com,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Straight,Grade,10A $35 TodayOnly 10A Grade Straight 3 Bundles (12/14/16 Inch) of Brazil Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

TodayOnly 10A Grade Straight 3 Bundles Brazil 16 High quality new 12 14 Inch Popular overseas of

TodayOnly 10A Grade Straight 3 Bundles (12/14/16 Inch) of Brazil


TodayOnly 10A Grade Straight 3 Bundles (12/14/16 Inch) of Brazil

Product Description

TodayOnly Hair -- Your Beauty is Our Dream !!!


Why Choose TodayOnly Hair ?

  • United States Trustworthy Human Hair Brand amp; 15 YEARS Human Hair Exporting Experience amp; Own Factory.
  • 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair That Cut From YOUNG amp; HEALTHY Donors Directly, Clean, Natural.
  • We Never Mix Other Hair, Without Synthetic or Animal Hair, Which Is Suitable for Long-term Use.
  • TRIPLE Quality Controls Before Every Hair Bundles Ships Out to Ensure the Quality.
  • 15 Days No Reason Refund, After Receiving the Order, If You Are Not Satisfied, and The Hair Are In Its Original State, You Can Contact Seller Directly to Get NO REASON Return amp; REFUND within 15 Days.

FAQs About Straight Hair Bundles

Q1. Is It Human Hair Virgin Unprocessed?

A: Yes. It is 100% unprocessed virgin human Hair cuts from one donor with full cuticle aligned, no acid bath. Test by BURNING- Human hair will show white smoke while burning and become ashes.

Q2. Can The Hair Be Dyed And Iron-Flat?

A: Yes. It is virgin hair, it can be dyed and iron-flat. In general, it’s easier to darken the hair than to lighten it. Since it’s difficult for the original color to fade. Dyeing needs strict requirements, if you are not professional, please go to Salon.

Q3. How Many Bundles For A Full Head?

A: Each bundle is about 100 grams. Normally 3 bundles are enough for a full head. If you like Thicker or need Longer hair, it's better to install one more bundle. If the hair over 18 inches, 4 bundles are recommended.

Q4. Can Texture Hold Long?

A: Our texture patterns are permanent after many washes, the curls and wavy texture pattern will return when the unit is air dry.

Q5.How Long Does It Last?

A: It depends on your maintenance(generally 6-10 months). Washing regularly with conditioner and oil is key to keep it charming.

T-part Curly Wig Body Wave Bundles Straight Hair Bundles Kinky Curly  Bob Wig Straight Bob Wigs
T-part Curly Wig Body Wave Bundles Straight Hair Bundles Kinky Curly Bob Wig Straight Bob Wigs
100% Human Hair
Can Be Dyed
Can Be Permed

TodayOnly 10A Grade Straight 3 Bundles (12/14/16 Inch) of Brazil

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